Artist Statement

A Day's Pause
The elderly are a universal image recognized by all, but both societies and individuals within them react differently to them.  Some cultures cast them aside and overlook their presence, while others value their existence, embracing their knowledge, wisdom, vulnerability, and strength of character.  I convey the importance of each person, as they possess valuable memories and stories.  I honor these individuals through a unique perspective of their place in our world. 

My work focuses on the many facets of an older person; the folds and drapes in their skin, the condition of their body, their relationship with the environment, and the wisdom in their gaze.  Although minimal, the simple shape of their bodies and the space in and around the figures create a multitude of emotions.  A conversation develops between the figure and the viewer because as human beings we each have our own unique experiences with age.  My past and present constantly affect the way in which I view a work of art and a recent death or memory evokes fresh, real emotions.  These encounters cause me to reevaluate my feelings toward the elderly. 
The white space within and around the figure creates an emptiness that is filled with emotion.  Many times these voids are filled with love, gentleness, and appreciation but at other moments, there is a sense of sadness and loss.  Older people have an unusual existence within society around the world.  In many places, they fade away with old age to be forgotten.  But in others, they shine and bring forth joy and knowledge.  Their future is unknown and how their past will be remembered.

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